FitNetWork is the Social Network that gives members access to athletic facilities and coworking spaces.


CoNetWork Membership: Our CoNetWork Membership is a 12-month membership that includes one adult only, and it provides access to our CoNetWork Coworking Locations and to all of our Athletic Facilities for $99 a month. The CoNetWork Membership is intended for adults only, and it is focused on those entrepreneurs that have the need to have access to both coworking spaces and athletic facilities. Our CoNetWork locations will not accept individual or family memberships since it is exclusive for the CoNetWork members; but our CoNetWork members have access to all of our facilities.

Family Membership: Our Family Membership is a 12-month membership that includes two adults and three kids, and it provides access only to our Athletic Facilities for $70 a month (two adults and three kids).

Individual Membership: Our Individual Membership is a 12-month membership that includes one adult and it provides access only to our Athletic Facilities for $35 a month.

Athletic Facilities

Our Athletic facilities are top of the line locations that include a full array of options from swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, kids playground, athletic retail stores, and smart gyms with Peloton Bikes, Nordictrack Tread Mills and Ellipticals, and Smart Mirrors.

At our Athletic facilities that have a swimming pool, you are able to do recreational swimming, or also train competitively. Summers are more enjoyable when you are able to relax by the pool, or have your kids swim while you enjoy one of our other sports such as Tennis, Soccer, or Spin class through Peloton, and running among others.

Our Athletic facilities that have Tennis Courts provide top of the line facilities along with instructors. Regardless if you are looking to play competitive tennis or social tennis, our tennis courts provide you with the space to fulfill your tennis goals.

Our smart gyms are fully equipped with weights and lifting equipment to do everything from social training to high performance training. In our smart gyms you will find the best equipment that includes Peloton, Nordictrack Tread Mills and Ellipticals, and Smart Mirrors.

Location: 300 Lake Circle, Madison MS 39110

Hours of operation:
Mon to Fri - 6 AM to 8 PM
Sat – 7 AM to 8 PM.
Sun – 11 AM to 8 PM

Tel: 769-300-0194

Coworking Spaces

(CoNetWork Memberships Only)

Our Coworking locations provide shared office space that allows entrepreneurs to have a place where they can develop their businesses while interacting in an organic incubator environment for entrepreneurship. Coworking locations through our CoNetWork brand gives the opportunity from the independent contractor all the way to the small, medium, and large companies/startups that are looking for a coworking space that offers a different sense of community and workplace.

CoNetWork is the FitNetWork brand of our Coworking locations because we believe in the connections that the entrepreneurs will make at our coworking spaces. Our CoNetWork members will have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and investors. The goal of the CoNetWork brand is to create the full ecosystem for startups and consolidated businesses to be successful at a coworking space.

Our CoNetWork Coworking spaces offer conference rooms, high speed internet, phone services, printing and scanning, snacks, computers, and virtual meetings equipment among other amenities.

Location: 3220 N State St, Jackson MS 39216

Hours of operation:
Mon to Fri - 8 AM to 5 PM

Tel: 601-988-8703


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